New service called Madmoun by Dubai Land Department (DLD)

Dubai Land Department (DLD) together with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) have implemented the new electronic service called Madmoun, which is accessible through the Trakheesi System. The system is presented by a quick response code (QR Code), which is issued for any real estate advertisement. The new implementation reflects the DLD’s ongoing efforts to enhance investor confidence and modernise real estate governance procedures. According to the statement by RERA, property companies are obliged to adhere to this service for the prevention of any violations.

Starting from April 24, 2023, the placement of a QR code in its print and audiovisual advertising is obligatory for all real estate companies. Customers will be able to easily and quickly verify the authenticity of the advertisement, as well as the guarantee that it has been approved by RERA. Another advantage of the new system will be access to the DLD website, which will allow customers to view detailed information about the advertising company, the condition of the property and its characteristics. The new system will also display whether the property is sold or leased.

It is strongly recommended by the DLD for all customers and investors to only engage with property advertising that features the QR code. This will ensure the protection of customers’ rights and prevent exposure to any fraudulent deals.